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  • Dr. Friedman has been the most through doctor i have talked to about my condition. I am so pleased i selected her to perform my shoulder surgery. She provided realistic options considering the shoulder and my quality of life.

    ~ Doug Klein~

  • Friendly staff no matter which doctors staff members assist they seemed to help any patient needing assistance.
    Dr. Friedman's explanations were through, she discussed next steps, most importantly she seemed to want assess all possibilities before surgery. In addition, she did not make me see...

    ~ Pamela Robinson~

  • Friedman was excellent with her explanation of what was wrong with the knee and what needed to happen in surgery. She was very thoughtful of the mental aspects of what it means to knee surgery and the recovery. Was very impressed!

    ~ Amy Peterson~

  • Dr. Friedman never gave up on me.

    Dr. Friedman performed ACL, meniscus, and MCL surgery on my knee. Due to no fault of Dr. Friedman, the recovery process required a second surgery to remove scar tissue.

    Each time i met with Dr. Friedman, she was kind, patient, and even ...

    ~ Kelsey Yoder~

  • Dr. Friedman, was an amazing surgeon to work with through my acl recovery! She always gave me the reassurance and support i needed throughout the process. I wouldn't have chose anybody else, because she is truely great!

    ~ Taylor Pierce~

  • Dr. Friedman is very knowledgeable and made sure she took the time to explain various options for my situation. She was not hurried like some physicians are. I really appreciate the professional way she is. A breath of fresh air in otherwise difficult time.

    ~ Bryan Kleine~

  • Dr. Friedman is super knowledgeable and has a great beside manner. I needed a second opinion and her office got me right in and addressed things that haven't been addressed properly for the past 7 months. I definitely trust her with all my care going forward. I wouldn't go with anyone else.

    ~ Kevin Loose~

  • Mrs Friedman is a wonderful doc. She takes the time to explain everything she will be doing and then she does a outstanding job making sure you are happy with what she has done. She really cares about her patients too. I would recommend Mrs Friedman to anyone that needs something done. She will be m...

    ~ James Wolfe~

  • A very real and down to Earth experience. Dr. Jamie Friedman is young and knowledgeable. I never once felt rushed or insecure. The surgery was so delicately done, it looks but a scratch. Needless to say i was able to take care of my 7yr and 1yr old post procedure with a little help of course. Her an...

    ~ melanie carpenter~

  • Dr. Friedman did a awesome job on my knee. She has outstanding people skills and truly cares for your well being. I'd recommend her to anyone she was a blessing. Thank u for the good job!!!

    ~ Brad Dill~

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