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    Dr. Jaime Friedman has been our Internist since 2005. I am 81 years old and my husband is 88 this year (2018). We owe our happy ages to his perceptive and excellent care. In December of 2016 he saved my life. The only way we can thank him is to beg him to keep treating people as he has always treated us. He listens. He asks questions that not only clarify his thinking, but ours as well, and (I sense) that of all his patients. He focuses on our worries and concerns, and answers our questions carefully and clearly. Dr. Friedman is generous with his time and interest, and the result is that he gives his patients a deep sense of being understood and cared for.

    In December, 2016, my MRI indicated an unexplained “blur.” Dr. Friedman called us into his office immediately (within 30 minutes of the MRI results). Thanks to him my life was saved. My cancerous tumor was removed within days. His concern and willingness to answer our many questions made this ordeal so much easier to handle, and gave me and my family the strength to overcome our fears.

    In every way, Dr. Friedman exhibits the characteristics of what (when I was young) was the model of a “family doctor.” My husband and I consider ourselves blessed to know him and to trust our lives to him.